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Home Blessings Double Spell Satchel BACK IN STOCK!!

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You can both cleanse and bless your new home with my new double spell satchel. Comes with nearly 4 oz. of an herbal mix of fresh rosemary and lavender with dried marigold, fennel, and many more herbs intended to cleanse, bless, and protect your home. Frankincense, and a small piece of iron for extra protection. Herbal blend comes in an extra large Egyptian print cotton satchel. 

Comes with a black candle for ridding your home of negative energy and a white candle for blessing and protection. 

Also comes with a 4x6 spell print.

”Herbs and oil and iron strong; 
Protect this house, that no harm come by day or night. 
In a quiet place you’ll lay, 
Keeping negativity far away, 
For as I will it, so mote it be!”
-Ann Moura