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About Ashley

Hi I’m Ashley & I’m a 30 year old mom of one awesome son named Reese, cat mom of 3 and snek mom of 2! My boyfriend Patrick is a software developer and we have been together for 7 years! 

I am also an artist, green witch, plant and animal lover, creator and more! I have many hobbies including cozy gaming and horror movies! I also practice divination in the form of tarot, pendulum reading and scrying! I practice Dianic Wicca and do personal and collective spell work blessed by the Goddesses! 

Since I was a child I’ve had an affinity for animals, nature and empathy and I use that now to help others. I grew up non religious in the Bible Belt of rural East Texas, studied and practiced Buddhism for almost 5 years as a young adult and during that time became interested in things such as witchcraft and tarot cards. After years of doing divination for free I had so many friends and family urging me to charge for my time and energy that I began Ashley’s Aura so that I could help people far and wide with my gifts.

From that inspiration, Ashley’s Aura has grown into spell jars, spell work, crystals, jewelry, art and more! My products now reaching into all 50 US states, the UK, France and more! In September 2022 I will be bringing Ashley’s Aura local for the very first time to the Nacogdoches Artfest!

My mission is to help and inspire others to become more interested and involved with witchcraft and the metaphysical arts and hope it brings them the sense of joy and belonging it has brought me! 

I love sharing my craft, my knowledge and my passion with you all! I’ve found happiness and truly amazing friends in my practice and this community and I wish you all to find the same happiness! Please send me an email if you have any questions about my products, my mission or about booking a reading!

 Blessed Be! ~ Ashley