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About Ashley

Hi I’m Ashley & I’m a 28 year old mom of one awesome son named Reese, caregiver for the elderly and your friendly neighborhood Green Witch & card reader.

Since I was a child I’ve had an affinity for animals, nature and empathy and I use that now to help others. I grew up non religious in the Bible Belt of rural East Texas, studied and practiced Buddhism for almost 5 years as a young adult and during that time became interested in things such as witchcraft and tarot cards. After years of doing divination for free I had so many friends and family urging me to charge for my time and energy that I began Ashley’s Aura so that I could help people far and wide with my gifts.

I love sharing my knowledge and make all of my tarot and oracle spreads for anyone to use I only ask that you give me credit! I’ve truly found happiness and truly amazing friends in my practice and this community and I wish you all to find the same happiness!

 Blessed Be! ~ Ashley