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Self Love Readings ON SALE!!

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Your choice of two 6 card Self Love spreads that will help you get in touch with your own needs. This reading can be done with your choice of several oracle decks, or a tarot deck.

The cards in the first spread will answer the questions:

  • What should I learn to love?
  • What do people love about me?
  • Why did I need this spread?
  • What is blocking me?
  • How do I overcome the block?
  • What is my future love goal?

And the cards in the second spread will answer the questions:

  • Why are you amazing?
  • What is a past accomplishment?
  • What do you bring to others?
  • What are your skills/talents?
  • Why do you feel down about yourself?
  • How should you show practice love?
When you buy a tarot reading, please leave in your "note to seller" your full name, the email you would like the reading to go to, which of the two spreads you would like, your birth date, and any other details about yourself that you would like to share.