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Custom Spell Satchel Kit

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Get spell satchels in bulk.

You can buy the spell satchels you want individually, or you can buy 6 satchels at once, making it easier and cheaper. In this bulk product, you will get 6 satchels, 3 large and 3 small. 

Your options for spell satchels are:

  • Longing Lovers Spell Satchel
  • Healing Heart Spell Satchel
  • Lullaby Spell Satchel
  • Protection Spell Satchel
  • Luck Manifestation Spell Satchel
  • Banish Anxiety & Depression Spell Satchel
  • Aura Protection Spell Satchel
  • Travel Protection Spell Satchel 
  • Banishment Spell Satchel
  • Home Blessings Spell Satchel
  • Call of the Fae Spell Satchel
  • Love Yourself Spell Satchel 

Large spell satchels come with spell candles, small ones do not.

This is a great deal that is just too sweet to miss out on!

DO NOT INGEST. Each satchel comes with their own spell print.