A little background about me and my dreamwork journey!


12 years ago at 15 yrs of age I started having stress dreams, what I call, “personal hell dreams,” & then I started influence/lucid dreaming.


For years I dreamt frantic dreams of myself waiting tables, in the weeds, never able to catch up. My most hated job; serving. I’ve had other versions but none as repetitive as my own personal hell.


My dreams are centered around all my worries, anxieties, stresses, worries, fears. Although they can be intuitive they also are abrasive & exhausting. I practice lucid dreaming to induce non stressful dreams.


My dream pillows will be mainly for people who wish to repel nightmares & stress dreams. But additionally I will be making a pillow induce to prophetic dreams, bc in the dreamworld we can confront things too scary for real life.


With the right intentions we can turn our dreams from nightmares to insight. While we cannot stop dreaming altogether because it is a gift we all share we can prevent sleeping in our personal hell; we can induce dreams that are not only less stressful but even enjoyable or insightful.


I hope you all join me in my venture into offering dreamwork.


Blessed Be 💕

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